Tony Moran, John Gendusa, & Bread Pudding

This fabulous city of New Orleans, is 300 years old this year (2018). It’s rich culture include the French, Spanish, African, German, and Sicilians. The Sicilians were brought here in the late 19th century by the bureau of immigration and it’s been said that this was there first point of entry in this country. What you’re looking at in this picture (in the background) is a poboy sleeve with the name John Gendusa on there, who was the Sicilian bakers who created our beautiful, light, flakey poboy bread. THIS IS WHY YOU CAN ONLY GET A POBOY IN NOLA!! That plate that you’re looking at has on it “Tony Moran” which is from Tony Moran’s restaurant which is located in the old absinthe house.

Tony Moran was a very good friend of mine and I happened to be general manger of his operations for seven years. He taught many things and one of them was how to cook. His real name is Tony Brocato. Many times, back in the day, Sicilians would change their last names to Irish names. Tony’s daddy, Diamond Jim Moran, was a boxer. In order to get the better bouts, he changed his name to Moran. When you take my tour I get into this extensively.

Finally, the center of attention, the bread pudding. That bread pudding is one of many different kinds I make, but I always make my bread pudding with that beautiful Gendusa bread (see how it all ties together?). I would be glad to be your tour guide in New Orleans, and take you through all the different cultures this city has to offer.

New Orleans

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